What is Therapy?


I see therapy as…


  • an opportunity to take a compassionate look at what is working and what isn’t

  • a reliable relationship with someone who believes in you and is cheering you on

  • a place to get accurate feedback that is gentle enough to hear, but deep enough to be important

  • time and space to be conscious and deliberate about your life

  • access to the latest mental health research about effective ways of relating, communicating and living


How long will I be in therapy?  How often should I come?

I offer both long and short-term therapy.  


For people who have specific goals in mind or want help with specific situations or issues, shorter-term therapy or coaching can be just the boost they are looking for.  For those looking to overcome long-standing difficulties, wanting to learn and practice new ways of being in relationship or who want a consistent, reliable person in their corner over time, a longer term relationship can be more helpful.


If you are currently in a lot of distress or in crisis, or want to see more rapid change, it can help to meet twice a week at the beginning and then move to meeting once a week once things have stabilized.  


What about Medication?


Exactly what supports would help you reach your goals can be one of the questions we explore together.  For some people, therapy is enough to heal and make change. Therapy plus non-medication supports such as nutrition, lifestyle changes, holistic medicine or relationship changes can also be the right combination.


For others, the right dose of the right medication can be essential to their health and success. Medications address some of the biological aspects of mood, attention and other aspects of optimum mental health.  Medications can be a temporary adjunct to therapy to support a person while they make the needed changes in their life or can be an on-going necessity.  


I do not prescribe medication, but I do frequently consult with prescribing psychiatrists and doctors.  I believe in team approaches to care, and if desired, can consult as needed with your psychiatrist, or other providers at no additional charge about medication-related issues.  I assist clients in exploring the need for medication in their life, tracking their reactions to medications and communicating effectively with their prescribing doctor.  If you are unhappy with the care you are receiving from your psychiatrist or doctor, I can also help you find a provider who better fits your needs.


What do you charge?


Without a doubt, therapy is an investment.  In working with clients and seeing the change and growth that is possible, I think it is an investment worth making.  Finding your way to a life you love yields big returns in physical health, career success and prosperity, parenting and intimate relationships worth celebrating and overall emotional ease and well-being.  I offer fees comparable to other local professionals and have some sliding scale spots in my practice.


I am not a member of insurance panels, but can provide a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for out of network benefits.  


Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy