About Me


My Approach
Therapy is an opportunity to figure out what works for you so that you can take that knowledge and those skills with you into life outside of therapy.  I work in collaborative and creative ways, meaning we combine your expertise about yourself and your wise instincts about what is right for you, with my expertise about mental health to come up with practical, manageable steps and new ways of understanding and working with what is happening in your life.  In my experience people feel better faster when they implement doable changes outside of therapy, one step at a time.  I am a fairly “active” therapist, meaning I tend to ask questions, invite and offer feedback and make concrete suggestions.  

I believe in doing what works, in therapy and in life!  When a person comes to therapy, they (or their parent or partner) are usually ready for relief sooner rather than later.  I draw from mental health research, clinical experience and life experience to find just the right combination of insight, support, coaching and practical strategies that you can put to use right away.  You should be able to walk away from your first session already feeling like you got something out of it that is new and useful to you.  


Who I Work With

I work with kids and adults individually as well as families and couples.  For a fun resource for men you can check out mantherapy.org.   If you are looking for services for someone under age 18 please see my page about therapy with kids



I particularly help with the following:


  • self-care, boundary setting and finding your voice

  • reducing anxiety and finding peace 

  • healing through grief and loss

  • executive leadership 

  • maintaining recovery from addiction

  • helping couples recover their joy - whether that means finding the courage to stay or the courage to leave

  • surviving divorce and rebuilding into thriving after divorce including co-parenting

  • recovering from narcissistic abuse

  • parenting

  • multi-racial families and couples

  • cross-cultural and immigration issues

  • disability issues including learning disabilities

        (offices are wheelchair accessible)

  • LGBTQQI community welcome

  • mediation for families, couples and organizations


I hold a Masters degree from U.C. Berkeley in Sociology and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, CA #90501. Sometimes I think I've also earned a Ph.D. in life experience that comes in handy in this line of work!  


I believe mental health care should be accessible to everyone so I served as the President of and still serve on the Board of Directors of the non-profit mental health and training agency, the Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute in Lafayette, CA (bapti.org).  BAPTI provides sliding scale mental health services and training for psychotherapists working towards licensure.  


Finally, I also provide professional development training for educators around topics of inclusion, diversity and bullying.